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The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize. (Shigeo Shingo)

Lean Thinking focuses on process improvement and minimally on what is called respect for people, which emphasizes asking those who do the work to help improve it. Neglected is the effectiveness of how people interact with each other. This waste is not recognized in most organizations.

Current issues that face almost every group of people working together include:    

  • Gallup findings that only 29% of employees are emotionally engaged in their work     
  • The majority of change initiatives fail to reach their goals and an even higher percentage of Lean Thinking efforts fail    
  • Half of meeting time is wasted    
  • 37 Billion lost dollars a year in the US to inefficient meetings.
  • The main reason people leave their jobs is a poor relationship with their immediate supervisor.         


What a few recent customers have said:

From a city of Seattle leader:  I was pretty skeptical and resistant to the idea of attending this training. I am pleased to report that I feel completely different…I am hopeful about the process improvement and team building that occurred. 

From a King County leader:  I learned new tools that focus on the people aspect of work which is critical…It has recharged and added to my supervision “batteries.”

From a leader at Seattle Comm. Coll.: Gave me a new way of looking at problems and how to work on solutions.

From a Colorado Nursing home leader: What I learned changed my life.

From many participants: I will join every and any event that Bob leads.







          Anatomy of a workshop

          A few pages of a current workshop guide

Typical results for Collective Wisdom Training are:

  • High-performing teams are formed and sustained 
  • Better decisions are made               
  • Staff satisfaction climbs above 95% 
  • Productivity increases as does profit 
  • Work process time is significantly reduced while quality is improved 
  • Customer satisfaction is increased

Collective Wisdom training covers territory covered by few others. There is no information overload; what is taught is retained. Collective Wisdom training is enjoyable, concise, practical and it sticks.

Our foundational training programs are:

   The HST Modelfor Organizational Change 
 Essentials of Leadership and Teams 

 Lean Thinking 4.0

Training is usually in 3 hour increments (one half a day to two days). There is some lecture, a Powerpoint or two when necessary, but most of the learning is discussion, doing, reporting, reflecting and doing some more. Participants take an implementation plan back to work with them.

Learning arises from the right exposure to new information, use of the information, practice, feedback and time to reflect. Without this process, new
knowlege drifts away like the wind. 











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