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Bob’s professional interest is people interactions. His primary keynote (30-60+ minutes) comprises forty years of experience to present:

      How to Solve Every Problem, Resolve Every Conflict
                    and Live a Happy, Contented Life
                      (at work, at home, everywhere).  

This talk is relevant to every organization and can be customized for specific needs. Audiences are enlightened, entertained and energized.

This talk covers:

An example of a common problem/conflict and how it is normally and poorly handled

Why the brain is an inefficient problem-solving organ

The 4 characteristics of effective problem-solving approaches

The presentation of Harnessing the Speed of Thought, a 5-step problem solving method

Using the method on the initial problem/conflict

An added element called the 7 Billion Rule about people’s perceptions needing to be included

Additional features (depending on time and specific interests)

A summary and call to action

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Two Minute Video Clip--Neuroscience of Continuous Improvement

Participants’ take-away:

       +  A tool to use whenever solving a problem or conflict

       +  Know how to turn conflicts into creative problem solving

       +  A greater appreciation of multiple points of view

       +  A better way to understand and communicate issues

       +  Reduced stress and a greater appreciation of life

       +  And an enjoyable, engaging learning experience
Some of this material is presented in two books:

Personal Wisdom: Making Sense of You, Others and the Meaning of Life

Transparent Management: Unleash the Collective Wisdom of Your People

His other keynote talks are:

      The Meaning of Life and How to Live a Perfect One    and

      The People Side of Lean Thinking

Bob's fee is $8k plus travel expenses.

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