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2017 presentation on Lean Thinking 4.0

Bob presented The HST Model for Change.
There are four parts to the presentation on youtube.

Bob's presentation at the Washington State Lean Conference (2014): The Dark Matter and Dark Energy of Lean Thinking. He introduces the concept of the seven people assets.

In 2013  he presented his ideas on "The Neuroscience of Continuous Improvement." His focus is how the brain makes working together more difficult.

Shirt Pocket GuidesTM

Guides that solve human problems so neatly and simply you can capture them on a 3 X 5 card and stick them in your pocket.

The Shirt Pocket Guide to Saying What is Hard to Say

The Shirt Pocket Guide to Team Building  

The Shirt Pocket Guide to Feedback

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                                            Recent Articles

Lean Thinking focuses on process improvement and a little on supporting employees to become better change agents. Lean neglects people interaction processes. In
The Neglected Half of Lean Thinking, Bob Brown proposes a way for businesses to gain the full benefits of Lean Thinking by balancing waste reduction and improving a company's People Assets™.

The power of organizational culture has been debated for years; it is hard to define what it is and how to enhance it. Bob's article on an
organization's culture presents a simple way of understanding what it is, what it does and how to improve it. You must begin by understanding the Organization-Individual Divide.


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