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Best ROI so far is:
  • A 90 minute consultation 
  • The manager applied the new tools over the next several weeks
  • The company saves $2 million a year from then on, forever.
  • ROI over five years is about 30,000 to 1

Our approach is to use the tools of Collective Wisdom and the concepts of Lean Thinking on the organ that thinks, the brain. 

Consulting  addresses leadership development, organizational development, employee engagement, Lean Thinking readiness, continuous improvement, and customer service. Consulting can be free-standing, but often follows the Mistake-Proofing Teams workshop where specific needs have been identified.  

Special Offer for Puget Sound area only

Tuesday Morning with Bob (about 2.5 hours) Explore and learn to apply Collective Wisdom tools such as Harnessing the Speed of Thought and the Four-Part Teaming model; 
 discuss and address management issues; examine Lean Thinking process improvement and people development (Lean 4.0); and more. $500. An easy and comprehensive way to begin using Collective Wisdom to improve the people side of your organization.



          Does your organization operate at a Model-T level? 
          A Lexus? A Starship? Find out here.

Leadership Development

          Mistake Proofing Leadership

The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of the people in his or her
organization is going to blow the competition away (
Walter Wriston, former Citicorp CEO).

The inefficiencies of a committee demonstrate that bringing people together often results in less applied intelligence rather than more. The problem is that collecting wisdom from a group of individuals is not easy.

Collective Wisdom  is a management approach that emphasizes the collective genius of employees. It is a new way of enabling a group of individuals to work together to meet individual and organizational goals. 

Collective Wisdom:  

  • Overcomes the natural barriers that arise when individuals work together
  • Coordinates how people think and problem-solve
  • Emotionally engages employees
  • Unites company and employee goals
  • Merges these essentials into a high functioning organization 















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