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Collective Wisdom  is headquartered north of Seattle. We specialize in speaking, conducting workshops and consulting optimizing interactions between people including group problem solving, creating high-performing teams, management tools and skills, leadership effectiveness and engaging employees.

We also provide modern Lean Thinking process improvement balanced with developing people. 

     Frequently Asked Questions

Are you primarily a Lean Thinking person?

No. My main interest is in people interactions. I do Lean Thinking when organizations want to improve processes, but without also developing people, Lean usually doesn’t work well.

Do you do an extensive problem analysis before you decide what services to provide?

No. My working assumption is that organizations can always significantly improve how people interact and what I  provide are methods I have created or methods only a few others, if any, provide. Organizations do not currently do what I teach.  

Does that mean that your services are not mainstream?

They’re mainstream in that the need is team building and problem solving and the like; but not mainstream in the tools I teach and what participants take away. For example, I created Harnessing the Speed of Thought more than thirty years ago. As far as I know, I’m the only one teaching it.

What services do you provide?

Primarily I do workshops and coaching, on occasion I do process improvement events. What works best for most organizations is to start with one of the foundational workshops (usually 10-20 participants and for two days): Lean Thinking 4.0 if Lean is in the near future or in place. Give that a chance to work and then see what else may be of benefit.  

What do you charge?

Two day workshops are six thousand dollars; plus a small materials fee per participant and actual travel expenses away from greater Puget Sound. (Costs may be different when collaborating with other organizations with a different fee structure.) When additional services are needed we figure out what will best work.

Do you discount your fees?

Usually, no. I provide good value for the cost. However, there is no harm in asking. Let me know your situation and maybe I can be of service.  

Why do you do this particular work?

I finished writing my memoir, Simply Bob:Searching for the Essence, in late winter 2016. I wrote about discovering the meaning of life, which I described as contributing. The work I do feels like the best way for me to contribute.



Robert Brown, Ph.D. is the president
and founder of Collective Wisdom, Inc. His doctorate is in psychology.

He has over 40 years of experience in performance enhancement and sports psychology, process improvement, individual and group development and organizational development.

He has worked with Olympic and other elite athletes, businesses, state and   local governments and with other public agencies, taught and consulted at colleges, and with groups, families and individuals.

He is a popular speaker and makes it a point every year to present at the Washington State Lean Conference.

Collective Wisdom, Inc.
     11700 Mukilteo Speedway 201-1084
     Mukilteo WA 98275 USA

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