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Your brain is 12,000 years

out of date!

 Sadly, this is true. The brain you know and love, the one you’ve had with you all this time, is outdated. In fact, it was outdated the minute you started using it.

 Twelve-thousand years ago, we (our species) were hunter-gathers. Our brains worked very well to protect us from the dangers of Mother Nature. Our brains were quick to respond, tried what worked before, distrusted what was uncommon and accepted good enough results (still alive).

 Around 10,000 BCE we began to grow plants. Campsites became villages, villages towns and towns cities. Our environment changed from wild animals to other people. Our brains have not kept up. The strengths of our brains to cope with Mother Nature do not function well with other people.

 We are too quick to make judgements, too quick to reject, too afraid to take a chance. We work together, communicate and problem-solve at the level of Neanderthals. What can you do?            

 Workshops: two-hour, half-day and full day workshops on group problem-solving, communication, team-building and applying Lean Thinking tools and concepts to people interactions. 

 A leader is someone who enables the success of others. Bob Brown can help you become that kind of leader. He has been a performance improvement consultant for over forty years and has spoken to and helped thousands of people in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. He has a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan (1968) and a PhD in psychology from the United States International University (1973).















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